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A Matter of Life or Death PDF Print E-mail

Did you know? 

Sudden cardiac arrest can affect younger people and children who lead healthy lifestyles and have a good physique.

Medical experts believe many children could be saved if a defibrillator is used within minutes of collapse.

Cardiac conditions affecting the heart muscle or the heart rhythm can remain undetected, with the first symptom presenting in sudden cardiac arrest.

A blunt blow to the chest at a vulnerable time during the cardiac cycle (perhaps during school sports) can cause cardiac arrest.

Trauma, choking, electrocution, respiratory arrest and drowning can cause cardiac arrest.

A victim's chances of survival are reduced by 7 to 10 percent with every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation. Few attempts at resuscitation succeed after 10 minutes.

Death from sudden cardiac arrest is not inevitable, speedy use of a defibrillator can save lives. A defibrillator uses a metered therapeutic electric shock to restart the heart.

For much the same cost as a computer you could have this vital life-saving equipment.

A simple non-uniform day, raffle or sponsored event could procure the funds needed.

In a school with more than 1,000 pupils a defibrillator could be made available for less than £1.50 per child, that’s less than 3p per child per week.

The cost of a new computer or a defibrillator, you decide…

A life saved...

Ambulance services endorse speedy defibrillation…

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