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Automated External Defibrillators (AED's)

The defibrillator restarts the heart if sudden cardiac arrest occurs, sustaining life until the ambulance arrives to take over. The automated defibrillator is portable and easy to use. The device measures the heartbeat via sticky pads attached to the chest and will deliver a therapeutic shock only if needed. It guides the operator giving clear and easy to follow instructions. It is so safe it can be used with only a little training and in the case of an emergency anyone can use the automated defibrillator as it will give voice prompts. It is very important to get help in the first few minutes following cardiac arrest. Having a defibrillator readily available at the scene greatly improves the chances of survival.



Heart Monitors and Event Recorders

Ambulatory monitoring (Holter monitoring and event recorders) is done to record a patient's ECG for a prolonged period of time, on an outpatient basis. The purpose of ambulatory monitoring is to look for evidence of transient cardiac problems - that is, problems that come and go, and that are not apparent when a standard resting ECG is performed. Ambulatory monitoring is particularly useful in diagnosing heart arrhythmias, and cardiac ischemia.

Prevention of sudden cardiac arrest and sudden death

SADS UK and charity members donate heart monitors and event recorders to medical establishments to enable to speedy evaluation of patients who present with symptoms that may be consistent with a cardiac condition

Emergency care

SADS UK and charity members donate defibrillators to organisations such as schools, sports clubs, workplaces, shopping centres to enable speedy defibrillation of a cardiac arrest victim to restart the heart and prevent sudden death.



Disclaimer: The primary purpose of this website is for general guidance; those concerned about health issues should speak to their GP for further advice.
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