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SADS Foundation 1st International Conference Hosted by SADS UK

Unexpected Sudden Death in the Young:

A Focus on Genetic Causes of Arrhythmias, Syncope and Sudden Death - Health professionals | Families

October 2002, London

Preventing Unexpected Cardiac Death in the Young

SADS UK hold ICC and sudden death workshop
October 2003, Atlanta, Georgia

SADS UK & Oxford Genetic Knowledge Park Present

Cardiac Arrhythmias, Research and Therapy;

a holistic approach
June 2004, Daventry, Northampton

Department of Health NSF Chapter 8

SADS UK ask - how does this transfer to patients
October 2005, Watford
Heart Improvement Programme Conference
SADS UK present to cardiac networks throughout the country
October 2006, London

SADS UK hold their annual National Conference, ‘Lifesaving Information’ at UK Heart Rhythm Congress

Mike Yates Dept of Health lead for Arrhythmias & Sudden Cardiac Death provides update on NSF Chapter 8
September 2006, Solihull
SADS UK National conference, Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac death is held at the UK Heart Rhythm Congress   
October 2007, Solihull

SADS UK National Conference, Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome

and ways to try to prevent untimely SADS deaths
October 2008, Solihull
SADS UK ‘Surviving Cardiac Arrest’ Conference
October 2009, London
SADS UK Conference at Lifeconnections
April 2010, Kettering, Northampton
SADS UK ‘Heart to Heart’ Conference
And SADS UK Annual National Lifesaver Defibrillator Awards
October 2010, London
SADS UK Conference at Lifeconnections
April 2011, Kettering Northampton

Benefits – Important medical information is shared amongst cardiologists and family doctors and good networks are instigated. Families impacted by SADS assisted by information provided and speaking with cardiologists.

At the 1st International SADS Conference a new discovery was made in the field of Sudden Death and relatives of SADS victims were prompted to seek specialist cardiac evaluation. SADS UK continues to fund research and as more is being learnt about SADS related cardiac conditions all the time and science is emerging it is important to maintain annual national conferences to provide important information and updates.


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